30 Trick Photography Ideas

We all have our passions in photography. A 30-day creative photography project is a great way to be creative. All of our photography ideas here, are all achievable at home, in or around your own house. You can involve your family and friends and create great wall art or family gifts. Some of these creative photography ideas will be challenging, but they will help you understand, learn and grow as a photographer. Get started here! Spiral light photography is a variation of light painting photography. Both include a nighttime scene as a setting, and a torch as the subject. Here, you spin around, in front of the camera, shining a torch at varying angles. Some will hit the floor, others show the path of light. You can incorporate different coloured gels on the torches, or use light-sticks instead. There is no limit on the amount you can use. You need a tripod, a night scene and some light sources. The rest is up to you. Read our guide here.

High-Speed Photography

High-speed photography has always been a challenge for photographers everywhere. At some point or another, we have all tried to capture an object moving fast. Maybe you caught one by mistake, trapped in a sea of countless, unusable images. This is where we show you exactly what you need to do to get it right on purpose. First of all, you need a camera that can work at very fast shutter speeds. This is the key to freezing any moving object, from trains to planes. Light trail photography is a very easy way to capture something that really has that wow factor. This photo idea really works anywhere there is a moving light source. A long exposure is one of the secret ingredients you need in capturing these shots. The most important thing is setting up your scene. If your setting isn’t interesting, this idea falls flat. But if you can match up an interesting location with light movement, you can create something truly spectacular. A long exposure is something that has the potential to really dramatise a scene. By focusing on your cameras’ shutter speed, you can affect any movement in your image. This style of photography works in a multitude of ways. You can use it to remove unwanted objects in your scenes, such as wandering people. It also emphasises the power of moving objects, turning clouds into streaks and water into glass. It adds interest while keeping the focus on the important parts.

Light Graffiti

We have all seen those interesting nighttime images where someone is painting something in front of the camera. What you may not realise is, it is relatively easy to do. You don’t need to pay for a photography course to do this.
All you need is a slow shutter speed, a tripod, a torch and a lot of patience. Your scene is important, so make sure you find one with a high level of interest. Next, you need to get yourself (having an assistant makes it easier) in front of the camera to paint away. Read our article on light graffiti for all the help you will ever need. Macro photography is an idea many photographers do not delve into. Many believe it is difficult and unobtainable.
It is true you may need some extra equipment, but the process is very easy. You are only held back by your own creativity.
A macro lens or extension tubes allow you to photograph objects larger than their 1:1 ratio. And the best thing is, you can photograph anything!
The general population rarely see objects from up close, so offering this perspective leads to creative and interesting photos.

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