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If you’re capturing adventure or action photography, you need a camera that fits the setting. GoPro photography is a great way to record moving subjects, even if you are that subject. Here we look at what makes GoPro photos look good. You’ll find GoPro photography tips and tricks, especially useful if you’re not used to capturing with GoPro cameras. Chances are if you’re looking at GoPro photography tips and articles like ours, you are looking to buy a GoPro. Or, you want to understand how to use a GoPro to take awesome photos and action shots. With a GoPro or similar action photography camera, it is relatively simple to capture great photos. These cameras are easy to use and can be configured in many different ways, depending on what you want to shoot.

GoPro Photography

A GoPro camera was an institutional digital camera system when it was first released back in . The GoPro HERO was able to capture video in 10-second segments. No audio, just visual. 13 years later, and we have the GoPro HERO 8. It offers 4K video at 60 fps from a 12MP sensor and HyperSmooth video stabilization. You can record and shoot GoPro photos in many different ways. You can even take underwater shots. It measures a mere 1.1 x 1.9 x 2.6 inches ( 2.8 x 4.8 x 6.6 cm) and weighs 4.5 ounces (126 grammes). There are many features, such as voice-activated control for capturing images. What makes this camera special is its angle of view. The wide-angle on GoPro cameras are 170° wide, giving it a unique look. There are many reasons why a GoPro makes a great action camera. Firstly, its size. It’s a tiny machine with many features that are specifically for adventure or action photography. The best parts are the LCD screen for framing and its waterproof body. There are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections available, allowing you to use your phone to frame and capture your GoPro photos. This is really handy when the GoPro is mounted to your chest, helmet, bag, bike, snowmobile or kite. It is a versatile machine. Small enough to place anywhere, especially as you have GoPro and third-party mounts available readily. There are many modes that you can use to capture awesome GoPro photography. GoPro’s feature burst rates that capture 30 shots in one go. This can be configured at different intervals. Two images every second is possible, where others find a bigger benefit with something faster, such as 30 images in 3 seconds.

GoPro Photography Tips

This should go without saying. GoPros are action cameras, meaning that the majority of its users are going to be using them in the field.

Being away from home means less access to electricity. Having less electricity will make charging your GoPro batteries a tad difficult. that is unless you have a solar charger and power bank.

The GoPro can run for two hours in continuous use. This is enough for a short stint on the slopes. Having extra batteries means you can charge them when the others are in use, and Vise Versa.

As with any area of photography, framing and composition are key. It is perhaps more important due to the small size of the GoPro camera and its wide-angle field of view.

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