Best Camera for Real Estate Photography

As a professional real estate photographer, one of the questions you get asked the most is “What’s the best camera for real estate photography?”. Your camera and lenses are your main tools, just like a hammer is to a builder. Your talent and vision are what guide the camera and lenses. A great camera will help, so here are the best 9 cameras for real estate photography.

This full frame sensor camera body has 30.4MP capacity and ISO of up to 32,000. It can also capture 4K video. This makes it possible to create videos that will impress your clients. One of the more unique features is the capture of Dual Pixel Raw images. It allows for what Canon calls “microadjustments”. Essentially, this means that you can make small adjustments to the point of focus after having taken the photo. This does depend on the lens that you’re using and the effect is minimal. But it’s a noteworthy feature nonetheless. This Dual Pixel Raw capability also allows the correction of ghosting. It’s essential when sun flare is seen because of the light hitting the lens at a certain angle.
The Canon 5D Mark IV is also WiFi enabled. Syncing up to mobile devices or your computer for file transfers is a breeze.
The WiFi capability is actually fantastic for wireless tethering when on larger shoots! One of the big advantages that this camera holds over previous Canon 5D models is its handling of low light situations. This makes it great for increasing your dynamic range in-camera, and especially useful when shooting video in low light.

Full Frame

There are a few reasons that you’ll want to invest in a full frame camera versus a cropped sensor one. A larger sensor takes in more light, which is pivotal when capturing light in a space.
A full frame camera also has a different mount than cropped sensor cameras. Cameras that are full frame will open up a world of higher-end lenses that you can use.
The lenses that you use have even more of an impact on your real estate photos than the camera body itself. Even if you’re not yet ready to invest in high-end lenses, it’s better to invest in a camera that prepares you for future needs.
Also, real estate photography often leads to architectural and interior photography. This will also push you to invest in high quality lenses. If you’re able to, it’s better to invest now for your long term success. It’ll keep you from having to constantly upgrade and incur expenses!

Pairing the Correct Lens With Your Camera

We just touched on the ability of full frame cameras to mount high-end lenses. One of the main requirements for a real estate photography camera is to be able to mount different lenses.
Even if you’re not able to invest in a full frame camera, choose a camera body that gives you the freedom to switch lenses.
This will be crucial in learning more about your needs while shooting real estate.

Do You Need Video Capabilities

Not every real estate photographer will shoot video. But it is something you may want to prepare for.
Real estate agents often look for someone who can deliver still photos as well as a video of the property. Having a camera that can capture both will serve you as you expand your services!
Again, it’s about considering your needs now and in the future. For real estate listing purposes, you don’t normally need very high-quality video.
This is a feature that I recommend seeking out but not breaking the bank for.

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