Crafting Fun

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Learn how to turn everyday crafting materials into pieces of art with Crafting Fun for Kids of All Ages.

Projects are organized by materials to provide easy searching and shopping for children.



Let Kim Uliana guide you and your family through each project, giving step-by-step instructions even the youngest crafter will be able to follow.

Pipe cleaners will become dream catchers and tiaras; buttons will turn into necklaces and wind chimes; tissue paper will transform into princess hats. Project includes:

  • Glitter Mermaid
  • Masquerade Masks
  • Button Beehive
  • Clay & Pipe Cleaner
  • Clay Volcano
  • Pirate Eye Patch
  • Craft Stick Fire Truck
  • Cupcake Liner Bumblebee
  • Pipe Cleaner Creepy Crawlers
  • Pom Pom Flamingo
  • Bottle Cap Crabs
  • Egg Carton School Bus
  • Tissue Paper Tree
  • Yarn Cactus
  • And tons more!

Make a special occasion more special or more fun with these projects anyone, any family, can make.