Time-Lapse Camera For Better photography

Time-lapses are incredibly interesting ways to show a scene or scenario. Finding the right time-lapse camera can be a challenge, especially if you have never tried it before. A scene that involves movement or a change over time is a great topic to photograph.For example, think of a scenario where one single image wouldn’t do it justice. You could create a video, but if the change is taking place over days, weeks, months or even years, you will have decades of editing.

What to Look for in a Time-Lapse Camera

A time-lapse works better than filming a scene as you can set up the camera to work without you needing to be around. Also, the still images can be a much higher resolution than the video file.

You can work from RAW files and even stack long exposure images. The end result of a time-lapse is, in fact, a video. But to get the same effect, you would need to speed up a video, which also affects the quality.A time-lapse camera is going to be different to a camera that works well in sports photography. Sports photography needs a fast frame-per-second rate, super speedy auto-focus and even a tracking system.


The Sony A7 is a mirrorless camera system, providing superb images in high-resolution. A mirrorless camera system has many benefits over the DSLR market, such as silent shooting and being lighter/compact cameras.

They are becoming more and more advanced, quickly closing the gap that DSLRs have had for a fairly long time.There is almost no difference in print quality. In some cases, the mirrorless siblings have less cases of blurriness due to the lack of a mirror flicking up and down.

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