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Easter is a time for celebration, indulgence and – fingers crossed – a gloriously sunny 4 day weekend. If you’ve got a party to go to or plan on entertaining yourself, we’ve got a list of Easter Bakes from our favourite mags. We’ve even got some spectacular suggestions for free-from friends and family, too!

Olive magazine’s Fluffy Coconut and Lime Cake

Perfect if you need something sharp and refreshing to cut through all the rich chocolatey treats this weekend, Olive magazine’s fluffy coconut and lime cake is just what you need to welcome a taste of Summer into Spring. Covered with creamy, crunchy coconut flakes, topped with delicious meringue-style frosting and with a kick of zesty lime, this bountiful bake is a memorable (and totally moreish) showstopper. Whip it up in a hour for a last minute bake your guests won’t be able to resist – our top tip is to make the sponge halves ahead of time (the day before, if stored in an airtight container, will be fine) so you have more time to decorate. Find this fabulous Fluffy Coconut and Lime Cake recipe.

Vegan Food & Living’s: Double Chocolate Vegan Easter Tarts

Maintaining a free-from or vegan doesn’t mean missing out on Easter! These delicious double chocolate tarts from Vegan Food & Living magazine are just the treat for any guests who want to enjoy the season without wheat, dairy or animal products. Made with coconut flour, ground almonds, coconut milk, dark chocolate plus super healthy sugar and flavour alternatives agave syrup, raw cacao and medjool dates for a toffee-esque flavour, they won’t be able to resist these indulgent tarts! The team at Vegan Food & Living decorated these sumptuous chocolate delicacies with edible flowers and fresh blueberries, but you could easily add your own twist to decorate. Why not try a sprinkling of chili flakes to give them an extra bite, a few desiccated coconut flakes for crunch or garnish with a twist of orange peel? Find the Double Chocolate Tart recipe here.

Delicious. magazine’s Mini Egg Ice Cream Chocolate Layer Cake

The pièce de résistance! It’s best to make ahead (great news if you’re expecting a crowd). Bake the sponge cakes 48 hours before serving and keep wrapped in clingfilm in a sealed container before assembling. Assemble the cake up to 8 hours in advance, adding the cream topping just before serving. Take the cake out of the freezer 5-10 minutes before cutting.


The most common egg used today is the hen’s egg, though duck, goose and other fowl are available in some areas. The eggshell’s color is determined by the breed and has nothing to do with either taste or value. The color of the yolk depends on the hen’s– wheat-fed hens will have darker yolks than hen’s fed other grasses. nutritious than non-fertile eggs, and blood spots do not indicate fertile eggs, they are simply that: harmless tasteless blood spots. Egg yolks are high in cholesterol (215 mg for a large egg, and the American Heart Association recommends only 300mg/day); an egg white (albumin) is fat free and contains only 10 calories. Substitution: 1 egg (in baking)= 1 tbsp ground flax seed + 2 tbsp water + 1/4 tsp baking powder

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