Wedding Photography

To make your wedding photos look amazing, you can use creative wedding photography props. Most of these ideas are budget-friendly and can help you make even a simple wedding location look gorgeous! For this to work effectively, you should use a large aperture like. This aperture will blur out the fairy lights and create soft bokeh. Stretch out the fairy lights horizontally. Make sure they’re as close to your lens as possible. If they’re close to the couple, they’ll be in focus. The closer they are to your lens, the larger the bokeh will be. Fairy lights are a great way to create dreamy photos and to frame simple wedding portraits.

Create an Eye-Catching Background

Hang flowers next to a door. You can follow the example below to create aesthetically pleasing symmetry. You can make your wedding photography props more personal by hanging words on the door. (They can be made of paper.) They can be a quote, the couple’s initials, or a cute doodle. When this is ready, all the couple has to do is stand in front of the door. Make sure you use a small aperture (e.g. f/8) to ensure that both your subjects and the entrance are in focus. For this, all you need is a wooden ladder. (A metal one won’t look very appealing!) You can make it look more romantic by painting it white or pink. Decorate the ladder with fake flowers, custom signs, or even a chalkboard with a cute note written on it. We often associate signs with roads and directions. In photography, they’re commonly used to symbolise someone’s journey. Perfect wedding photography props for a conceptual wedding photo. All you need is a blank sign. You can write something conceptual on it, like “Forever is just around the corner” or just use a romantic quote. The couple can pose next to the sign. If you shoot from the right angle, you can capture both the sign and the wedding in the background.

Stylish Wedding Photo

On their own, chairs may not look that interesting. You can instantly enhance them by covering them in flowers and cute quotes. You can also write the couple’s names on the back of the chairs. All the couple has to do is sit on the chairs and pose for you! Hanging lightbulbs are a common sight in bohemian weddings. These simple wedding photography props can instantly enhance any atmosphere, especially in the dark. Because of their warmth and brightness, lightbulbs will work perfectly in any location. Try using them during the couple’s first dance! Some of the most extravagant wedding parties have flower walls. You can make a cheap version of your own with a large board, hot glue, and fake flowers. The wall doesn’t have to resemble a real wall. It just needs to be big enough to serve as a background for two people.

This wedding prop won’t be visible in your shots, but it will make significantly enhance your photos. You can use it in the dark to take romantic silhouette photos of the couple.

All you have to do is place a large source of light behind the couple. The couple has to stand in front of it and cover it completely. The light source can be a large torch or any other artificial light you can find.

Make sure there aren’t any other lights around, so your silhouette looks as dark as possible.

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